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Appoint our Gecom Commissioners on the basis of their ethnicity

October 28 ,2021


Dear Editor,

Maybe we need an ethnic equation for the appointment of GECOM Commissioners. As a nation we hardly ever reach a consensus on any matter with the exception that a majority of us agree that our elections are ethnically driven. Given our overriding preoccupation with ethnicity, why not use it to our advantage and appointment our Gecom Commissioners on the basis of ethnicity.  Why not have five Commissioners representing each of our ethnic makeup comprising of an African, Indian, Chinese, Indigenous and Portuguese Guyanese. The appointment of these ethnic commissioners should be based on the following criteria:

1. Should have no known political affiliation or membership to a political party.

2. Should be of good character with a stellar public profile and a respected member of their community.

3. Each appointed Commissioner must be approved by a two- thirds majority of Parliament.

4. A select committee comprising of one representative each of the political parties in parliament to manage the application and selection process.

5. From among the five Commissioners they will choose the Chairperson.

6. Their period of appointment should be for ten years with the option of being selected for one more five year term.

This methodology of equal ethnic representation might very well remove the stigma of biases in the running of our elections.


Reggie Bhagwandin

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