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Reply to "Asian wood companies told to start value added production or face contract termination"

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We need to find out their justification for shipping raw timber and processing it there. .

We need to do no such thing.  If they want to destroy our rainforest and leave pennies behind, then they need to go elsewhere.  As is Guyana is getting scant benefit from these predators, who also exploit their Guyanese employees.


Some one needs to tell the Chinese that slavery in Guyana ended in 1838.



Countries only develop when they have value added production.  Processing allows more employment in Guyana, and a more valuable export product.


Baseman, gold prices are dropping, and now the failure of the PPP to diversify the economy, and develop more value added is becoming evident.  But you will blame black people for that.

Let us take wood products. If house hold furnishings are manufactured. Who will sell it and who would buy it. We talking about mass production. Do Guyanese Foreign based buys Guyanese products.

Tropical trees aren't like the pine forests of North America.  When trees are cut down it takes a long time to be replaced.  These trees are valuable, which is why the Chinese and Indians are targeting.  This isn't cheap wood.


So if Guyana cannot find high value uses, leave them in the ground until we do.  And in fact I am sure that we can do this, if we think about it.