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Reply to "Asian wood companies told to start value added production or face contract termination"

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We cannot rely solely on overseas Guyanese .

Yes that is PPP thinking.  When they market Guyanese products and services in NY they confined it to Richmond Hill.


Tropical woods are in high demand for all sorts of design purposes, but these PPP clowns would rather the Chinese make the money from processing the wood in China for further export to the USA.


There is a whole architect/design community in NYC.  Has any one approached them?

A mahagony tree is worth millions of US dollars in China.

Caribj, do you think the luxury US furniture manufacturer would leave an organic gold mine in Guyana, have it go to China, then buy it back all the the way in China?  The market seem more biased to Asia!

I have not seen any furniture made from purpleheart in the market place.