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Reply to "Boring"

@Lynn posted:

I Talking to meself here.. boring , o lard!!

chams galivanting…

cain ?? Probably he nah pay tel/internet /hydro bills( hehehe .. if this nah bring him out.. dont know what will)

Or he mussie fall in a trance.. doubt that aliens abducted him

anyway Irfon Ali .. whazup prezzo  buddy?? .. leh abee gyaff as it look like iz abee deez 2 alone de yah-suh

eheh bai .. u iz wan wise man .. i like the idea of National day-of prayer for d country!
esp since all 3 a d religion dem fasting n praying during this period

‘ a family that prays together , stays together’

great initiative.. u prappa brite!!

I just peeped in.  The silence is deafening. Still having a hard time navigating.

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