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Reply to "Girl, 14, dies by suicide after alleged rape; accused remanded"

@Irfon Ali posted:

something is wrong with the guyana system when a teenager feels it's the end of her life after being raped. she should have told her mom, then get an abortion if she got pregnant, then finish her schooling and move on with her life. in this day and age with social media, tv, etc., i'm sure she knew that women have choices. they need to set up counseling groups overseen by the village elders - a priest, teacher, etc.

So sad…

Prez..itisnt as simple at this..this kid was traumatised n it affected her mentallly..

u r correct though..the system shud have taken care ofher after she reported it..rather than just sending her  home after she made report to police .

also do we know how  her mom reacted..wht was her response?? Did she uther to shmae n tell her that her future was doomed??  Who knows?

Many moms hid ( n may still b hiding) sexual abuse of their daughters for ‘fear’ of wht people would say or think

all because of wht ‘people would say’ …the SHAME.  So then they  ADD SHAME to the victims, making them feel worthless.  

Sexual abuse /rape is severe  trauma to a woman n esp young girls…some can deal with it..some end up with depression n some cant handle it n chose to end their lives. Some keep  it a secret n some r braveenough to speak out abt it.  

This kid should have been sent to to be assessed (mental)  at some counselling clinic  after she reported the rape…n followed up very closely.

very sad story! n It breaks my  heart..14 yr old