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Reply to "Not a Sermon only a Thought"

seignet posted:

For me, alone with God, is not so much a prayerful time. That is the time I am having a very deep conversation with Him. Questions, doubts, fears, anxiety and whatever else. I am just talking to Him. I stop many times in between the conversation and wait for an answer. I am quiet in His awesomeness. And He does speak. The Jews say, that when God speaks to an individual, that person hears the voice of God as the voice of his teacher(Enoch hears the call from God, him thinking he heard the voice of his grandfather, his teacher) or many times, God speaks to the individual in his own voice.

For those who walk with God because they believe in The Christ, the inner voice of the heart is the Holy Spirit.

It is awesome, after the conversation, the calm, the quietness and the wait for His acknowledgement. And then, the heart reveals. Such feelings makes the Believer proclaim, Hallelujah, Praise be to God, Father Praise be to Your Name, Blessed Be Your Name, Hallelujah.   

We know that the Lord spoke to people in the Bible, but He also wants to speak personally to each of His children today. This means we must be attentive because no one else can listen for us.
  1. God’s primary way of speaking to us is through His Word. The Bible is not just an old book, but the inerrant, authoritative Word of God and the only source of truth. When we read it, we’re hearing directly from the Lord. All other methods of listening to God must be checked and compared with Scripture to determine if we are accurately hearing Him.

  2. He also speaks to us through prayer. Prayer is our way of communicating with God by talking to Him, but it’s also a time to be still and listen for His guidance. Instead of simply running through our list of requests and moving on to the day’s duties and activities, we need to learn to be still for a while to see if He has anything to say to our hearts.

  3. The Lord may speak through our circumstances. When a situation is painful, we must remember that hearing from God is more important than our comfort and pleasure. He uses difficulties and suffering to grab our attention. In every event, God has something to teach us. Instead of focusing on why the situation has happened, our first question should be, “Lord, what do you want to say to me?”

  4. Sometimes God speaks to us through other people. It may come in the form of affirmation, confirmation, encouragement, or even reproof or warning. And the Lord may use anyone He chooses to deliver His message—even someone we may not like. No matter the source, we should thoughtfully and prayerfully consider whatever is said.

When we are seeking to hear from the Lord, we must make sure that it’s His voice we are hearing and not our own thoughts or someone else’s ideas. God’s voice is always consistent with His Word. Any message must agree with what the Lord has already said in Scripture. His voice is quiet. God speaks to our hearts through His Holy Spirit in an inaudible but compelling way. And if we’ll tune our hearts to Him by setting aside time to read His Word and listen for His Spirit to speak, He will give us clear guidance.

Credit goes to In Touch Ministries