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Reply to "PPP Presidential Candidate at Emancipation Celebration"

VishMahabir posted:
ksazma posted:

Are we criticizing his decision to wear an African garb?

Its one thing to put on a traditional garb of another culture and try to bond with them.

I believe this has more meaning and will be seen as more genuine if the person doing so respects his own tradition and culture. For example, Granger is a religious person. When he puts on an Indian shirt and go to a Indo church, he seems genuine because the Indos appreciate the fact that he is a religious man, and he is not being seen as a counterfeit or seen as awkward when he does so.

So this begs the question:

What is there that is religious and cultural about Irfan?

Is he a proud Christian, Hindu or Muslim?

jes my 2 cents

Bai, no one is more ultra religious than a Muslim. We are trained to pray 5 times a day regardless of what is going on around us. We fast for long hours in Ramadan just because we regard it as our responsibility. And that ‘we’ is the vast majority of Muslims all over the world. And think about this regarding ultra religious. Muslims have a prayer for everything. When they go to sleep, when they wake up. When they begin eating, during eating and after eating. When they see another Muslim, hear about what another Muslim did or what happens to another Muslim. The rituals are endless. Heck, Muslims even have a prayer for before they shit and after they finish shitting. No doubt Granger can be more spiritual than Ali but he can never be more religious than Ali.

Consider this observation I made earlier. When that child’s dress got raised up, Ali immediately instinctively reached for it and pulled it back down. That is a sign of a decent man.

Lastly, Granger is turning out to be a wicked hypocrite. No one is fooled anymore that Granger is a good person.