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Reply to "Ramayya resigns as President’s coordinator in Region Six -says unable to work with regional officials"

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Wonder if he knows of this herb is doliocarpus dentatus? It is  found in the many Backdams and forests of Guyana. It's taste is like chocolate milk. The stem and the bark are used to make a tea or drink which is said to be a natural Viagra, a cure for impotence in males.

I wrote a lil story about that wood. I never knew the name until now. When I was much younger, in the village two negro women had an open air busise down. As lil boys, we gathered to listen to the cussing and taunting. Taunting was big thing back then, it was rhyming or todays rapping. One woman told the other how she man cock was dead until she started giving this Amerindian tea to drink and he can f.u.c.k real good again. Turns out one woman was the wife.

Anyway the story was about Chouti and Sunama. Child marriage back in Rampur, Coch Bihar. Unable to have children, he blamed Sunama for it. Chouti after a few years took her back her parents home. Separated. Hardships for many years, destiny forges a path for the young couple.

Garden Reach, Calcutta they would meet again. A broken beaten Chouti and a vengeful Sunama. A relationship of stubbornness, spite and revenge on the Hisparus two months odyssey to British Guiana. Attempts of rape on the ship eventually made a scheming Sunama, she lead Chouti on for protection. She relied on him.

Arriving at Anna Regina, Sunama after years on the Plantation moved into the village. The only Indian, Chouti and Sunama began the task of settling into village. Neigbours were intrigued in the foods and cooking untensils and methods of preparations. Instead of a Coal Pot, it was a Fire Side made of mud, pepper was for flavour and cassava, eddoe and many other vegetables were curried. Vegetables, boiled and fried was now curried, wheaten flour for duff was now used for roti.


The Negro neighbour enquired from Sunama, "why no children( pickneys)." And Sunama confided in her.

Beryll answered, "there is bush medicine that can help." She continued,"will you try it."

Sunama was an adventurous young woman in Rampur. From a caste system that controlled her daily existence, she ventured into practices against the wishes of the village pandit. She was fascinated with seeds. And she would collect and prized. Amazed at the miracles of sprouting.

Sunama knew the miracles of herbs.

"Yes Cousin Beryll, I would try it", the reply came rushing out of her.

Chouti will have to drink a special tea as well.

For you, it is a preparation of the passage way to getting pregnant.

Special sweating has to be done.

Weeds are boiled steaming and you are covered to breathe in the mist and sweating to remove the bad in your body.

This is done up to three days after that special time for you.

That night, Chouti will drink that special tea.

As all other nights they settled in for the night. But this night.

Chouti remembers his first night with Sunama. Swept back in memories to Rampur, in detailed flashes. He had an arousal never like before.

Lost in time and space from excitement, realizing he was in Sunama.

And he rode the crests of ecstacy. And as a symphony in unison of beautiful music, they locked in tight embrace as the heavenly juices mingled. Natures way, unknowinly, she contracted, with a suction grip around his member. She sensed the journey of her child through her passage way.

Fullfillment and satisfaction followed by deep sleep while the miracles of life unceasingly journeys on.

Sunama would have twelve children, all boys. Christianed first named, by Cousin Beryll with a Bihari middle name and the titled name passed down from thousands of years by their ancestors.


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