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Reply to "Revised List of Electors 2019"

Django posted:
skeldon_man posted:

Would GECOM chair allow the jumbie names to be on the voters' list? What will happen to the 6000 plus names?

They can't vote .

It can happen Django, here is how. 
Take for example Buxton.. opposition polling agent can be intimidated by APNU / AFC supporters, they can leave for their safety... so who is there to object to multiple voting. 

Mr X will vote for the jumbie and not dipping his finger in the ink , he then return to vote for himself. There is also the possibility of stuffing the box with the jumbie votes. 

It happened in 2015 and GECOM refused to address same when the ballot papers supply by Canada did not match some that was in the boxes. 

We are dealing with PNC that rigged election for 28 years, and ONLY the intervention of the ABC country that saw a change. 
These same bastard rule of a free election in 2015 and ignored the international law that required a recount if the vote are 2% and less . 

They sat silent including CARICOM where the constitution is violated and court orders are ignored.