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Reply to "There is a standing resolution of Public Accounts Committee that requires it to meet Mondays and Fridays"

Eh-eh ...

Perhaps, PNCR/APNU/AFC were sound asleep so that the Public Accounts Committee's reports were neglected and left unattended since 2015.

@Spugum posted:

it would appear since your ppp decided to bring their no confidence motion in december of 2018 they abandoned all interest in the PAC which met last in august 2018

PERHAPS, you can now slither off back into that little cave from whence you came

@Mitwah posted:

Like you just came out from under the rock? Why is it that your PPP nincompoops can't meet twice a week to clear up the outstanding matters?

@cain posted:

This is 2021 they r not in govt now. If the PPP is "supposed" to be the better choice should they not correct this?

May 2015 to August 2020, PNCR/APNU/AFC were the government.

Composition of PAC during 2015-2020 period ---

5 members - PNCR/APNU/AFC -- majority of members

4 members - PPPC

Chairman - PPPC -- Opposition member is always the Chairman.

Perhaps the PNCR/APNU/AFC members were "extremely efficient" to have nothing done during the 2015-2020 period.