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Reply to "Washer and dryer recommendation"

Appliances are not what they use to be. I will tell you a story.

A few months before my first son was born we decided to buy our own washer and dryer because it was already getting expensive to pay to wash and dry in the laundry in the apartment.

So me and the "boss" went to the Brick this was in Feb1989. We bought a stackable washer and dryer Hotpoint plus the rack to put it on. I still have the receipt.(attached)

We used that thing for many many years.  Until 1998 when the washer broke and the cost to repair was not worth it.

So I went to Sears and bought a Kenmore washer, had to get the exact size to fit under the rack like the old washer.

We moved out of the apartment in 2011 and the wifey asked what will we do with the washer and dryer(the damn dryer was still working after 22 years lol)

I said like hell I am keeping them. Even though the house we bought had washer and dryer. So I put it in the basement in the laundry room in a corner.

A few years ago the washer that came with the house broke down and I had to wait a week for the part to fix it.

So guess what, out comes my old Kenmore to use for that week.

So the moral is, years ago appliances lasted for many many years.

Wildflower it is hard to make a choice.

Do your research and read reviews.

Do not always trust the sales man. These guys have to make their target.

I have a microwave oven that my father gave us for a wedding present MARCH 1986. The thing still works, I have only changed the fuse once and the bulb once. Its old for still going strong, 35 years and counting.



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