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VishMahabir posted:

Django...looks like you reclaiming your Indian roots with all these Indian stuff... 

Never changed,East Indian to the bone. my great-great maternal grandfather with his wife and children took the journey from India to British Guiana in March 1869.

Posting the videos here for posterity.

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@Former Member posted:

It puzzles me that so many people spell and call Sanskrit Krsna, Krishna! My father, who was a Rajput, pronounced his name as Krsna which sounded like Keessna, but which was anglicized as Kishna by those in authority in British Guiana!

Of course, you are puzzled. Devanji alphabet will tell you how to pronounce the Word.  According to him, there is no "h" in Hindi"  Let me give you an example.

if you want to pronounce 'kha', curl your tongue and hold it at the top of your palate and say 'ka'.

@Ramakant-P posted:

They were Kshatriyas, the second caste which is associated with warriorhood. My mon is from the same caste.

Yeah? Who knows? Or can prove that among the indentured 'slaves'? Some even claim their ancestors were Brahmin! Can you imagine Brahmins leaving their top dog positions to go with low caste people to slave on sugar estates? Then, don't stop there! Imagine they also brought their wealth with them!


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