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A Dutch National, Peter Woudstra, who once shared a romantic relationship with a Guyanese citizen, Bibi Fazeena Sattaur, has reached out to this publication to seek the public’s assistance in reuniting with the woman who “suddenly vanished,” or in the hopes that someone might help him to find closure about what happened to Fazeena. They last saw each other in Venezuela, in the Island of Margarita, before Peter departed for Holland in the year 2006. This is his story.

Dear Reader,

My name is Peter Woudstra, I am from the Netherlands. Fazeena and I were living in Venezuela, Isla de Margarita, since 2004, when I later had to return to the Netherlands around the year 2006. We called often and made plans. Then one day, all of a sudden, there was no answering the phone any more. I kept calling, but got no answer. I asked everybody I knew on Isla de Margarita if they knew something, but nobody had seen her. Apparently, she just disappeared…

By accident, I found a post from GSA News about missing persons in Guyana on my apparently never ending search for my Guyanese girlfriend who has been missing since 2006, and I decided to contact the publication to publish my story here. I have done everything I could think of to find her to no avail. It is a long time ago, but I just can’t leave it like it is not knowing where she is or even if she is alive. Frequently through the years, I have made searches, mainly through the internet, with no results.

I kept calling her phone number for years until it ceased to exist. Yahoo deactivated her Yahoo email account because of lack of use. There is a Gmail account with the same name but I received no response from that either. Now the question may arise: why didn’t I go to Venezuela to find her? It might have been the right thing, but at that time I could not go to Venezuela. Life is full of difficult choices. Nevertheless, I doubt that if I had traveled to Venezuela to search for Fazeena at that time that the search would have been successful because everyone who knew her said she disappeared.

Of course, I have thought about the possibility that maybe she wanted to disappear, but that simply does not make sense. I understand the fact that since all of this took place in Venezuela, and so many years ago, that it might be very difficult, but if there is anything you could advise on how to find her or information about her, maybe relatives of her whom I could contact, or how to pursue more information, I would be most grateful.

Fazeena has family in Guyana. There is a chance she went back to Guyana. Her full name is Bibi Fazeena Sattaur, Date of Birth: 26th of June, 1972.

Knowing the situation in Venezuela, I have feared the worst for many years. Still, I just cannot leave it like it is…not knowing what happened.

Thank you in advance.
Peter Woudstra.

If you have any information that can help Peter reconnect with or find information about Fazeena, please write to him on his email:

October 6 ,2021

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He did mention they spoke often by phone and were in the planning stages. He also stated he spoke with others in Venezuela and they said she just disappeared.

She could have found a partner had a change of heart and moved on, then again......

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