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Nice to see you stopping by to say Hi every so often Amral.

Hubby and got our 2nd shot about a month ago.

Curious to know how long these vaccines are effective for and if/when we will need a 'booster'.

I can finally visit family, indoors with those who are fully vaccinated, and outdoors for the ones who are not.

And.....I can now hug up and kiss up my grands!!!


Nice to see you stopping by to say Hi every so often Amral.

Hi VB, I have to keep my membership active before the Bossman boot me out.

I just had my second cataract eye surgery yesterday and all went well. This time I was awake for the entire process just mildly sedated. The first one that I did, I was asleep.

I am getting my 2nd shot next Wednesday, not sure which one I will get. My first was a Pfizer.

I am on 3 weeks vacation so if I get sick I will be at home.

Wildflower glad to see that you pass your test.

Putagee man hope you are doing well.

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  • @cain posted:

    Yeah, with all dem dam ticks lurking and we're heading out to complete a drain job out back.

    Omg, there is tick warning at every hiking trail I’ve been to...north or east

    one of my fav trail is bob hunter memorial park where I  always try to avoid the grass and shrubbery
  • my defence is a mixture of lavender and peppermint oils plus kombat spray. I also wear light colour and tuck my pants into my socks. Even my shoes are light coloured. I spray everything,  hat included, prior to putting them on.
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@Amral posted:

good morning everyone. 3 weeks vacation almost over rass, one week left

BTW my 2nd dose was Moderna and I had no problem. Only sore arm that lasted for about a day, but no fever or chills or any other reaction.

Friend of mine got second Pfizer on June 21 and has had really bad chills and night sweat for almost a mth now.

Enjoy this last wk vac. My days of 6 wk vac done. Now I get vac when my daughter is on vac☺️


If I suffered with all sorts of ailments I might have considered it, no problem adding one more log to the fire. Having a strong immune system is the way to go. Eat properly, drink lots of fresh water, have proper rest, proper hygiene, no overindulging in whatever your vices, laugh lots and quit fricking worrying and complaining over sheer shyte because the negativity does the body and mind no good.

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Oh that’s right cainstah, by the time polio hit Guyana in β€˜62 you were older than 5yrs. I believe that somewhere around β€˜63 they started to give vaccine to kids under 5.  I know 3 adults who got polio when they were young and it still affects them to this day.  I watched a movie name BREATHE based on a true story and can definitely say that  I am glad vaccine helped to almost eradicate that polio.

I cannot say for sure that I did get that vaccine but I am glad I got some other ones especially being so exposed to so many viruses where I used to work.
Now if we were all living out in Timbuktu then perhaps we would not have to take prevention.

To each his own, NO?