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November 29, 2020


Guyana’s current Attorney General, Anil Nandlall, Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum and others from the illegal, racist PPP government have been conspiring to arrest, persecute and criminalize African Guyanese. They have falsely arrested eight African Guyanese officials of the Guyana Elections Commission and five political opponents from the opposition APNU-AFC party; including the Chairman of the PNCR and former Minister of Health, Mr. Volda Lawrence.

Under a perverted application of the law, they declared the last APNU-AFC government "illegal," without the sanction of a court, and have deemed all transactions by the agency criminal. Consequently, they falsely arrested the head of NICIL, the government agency responsible for the effective maintenance and disposal of state assets, Colvin Heath-London.

They are also falsely arresting and charging African Guyanese Attorneys who represented clients who purchased state lands, persons who purchased lands and surveyors who surveyed said lands. They falsely allege that there people were involved in a conspiracy to defraud the state. They are also unlawfully seizing lands and property legitimately owned by African Guyanese.

The PPP regime has also fired 980 African Guyanese from the government. The only reason these people were fired is because of their race and presumed political affiliation. Nandlall said they were fired because they supported the APNU+AFC party on social media during the campaign. Clearly, the policy of this racist PPP government is to take away the rights of the African Guyanese population. They are purging African Guyanese from the government service. They are targetting black owned businesses and villages and shutting them out from the development of Guyana. PPP racism and deliberate injustice is designed to incite another PPP civil war like 1963. They want to relegate African Guyanese to second class citizens. This will not be accepted. The people will be mobilized to rise up against this racist PPP hegemony.

Anil Nandlall was under police investigation for the murder of Courtney Crum Ewing, in May 2015, when he was Attorney General in the previous PPP government. His then bodyguard was also under investigation for this murder. Nandlall was identified fleeing the crime scene with the bodyguard. Nandlall was also on trial in criminal court for stealing millions of state assets from the Attorney General’s Chambers.

These charges were inexplicably dropped by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) thereby establishing two systems of justice; one for the PPP, and one for ordinary citizens. Not only is Nandlall a thief, a crook and murder suspect. He is also a domestic terrorist who was caught on tape threatening to send gunmen to kill journalists at Kaieteur newspaper. His vehicle was also spotted by an eyewitness escaping from the scene of a shooting of the Kaieteur news offices.

Nandlall directed PPP East Indian supporters in West Coast Berbice (WCB) to "break the fences" of African in (WCB) and occupy their lands. He was also caught on video saying when the PPP wins the elections certain people will have to run and leave Guyana - presumably black people. Indeed this is what he is attempting to accomplish with his vendetta campaign. He is sadly mistaken. No one is going anywhere. African Guyanese are prepared to fight to the death to defend their citizenship and right to live in peace in Guyana!

CGID again calls on the Police Commissioner to disclose the status of the investigation into Anil Nandlall. Police officers should leak documents of these investigations so that the public can know the truth, if the incompetent Commissioner fails to do his job. The public has a right to know the truth about the crook who is posing as Attorney General.

This same crook, along with the crime chief, is allegedly blocking an investigation of the murder of four African Guyanese teenagers whose throats were slit by PPP supporters. The international community and civil society in Guyana should warn the PPP that its racism and racial injustice will not stand. It will inevitably lead to retaliation and bloodshed at some point if they do not cease and desist.

There should be no peace in Guyana unless there is justice, equity and an end to this racist PPP ethnocracy. CGID will mobilize the people and the international community to block investment or development until the PPP abandons its racist, anti-black agenda. The PPP will not gain anything from the civil war they are inciting. They and their supporters have everything to lose.

CGID will wage a relentless war on the racist PPP ethnocracy. We will ask the US Congress, the new US Administration and the international community to examine the PPP’s ties to drug trafficking, money laundering and persons who fund international terrorism. We will partner with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) to write all American companies doing business in Guyana to expose the PPP’s racist agenda, and will lead boycotts of companies that fail to denounce PPP racism in Guyana.

CGID intends to mobilize the people to tear down every aspect of the PPP regime's racist, anti-black agenda. We will call on the people to rise up and take to the streets to defeat PPP racism. We will bring an end to PPP racism and racial injustice. No justice, no peace!

Richard Millington, Esq.
Director of Communications
-- END --

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@Totaram posted:

Which of the items identified in the press release is false?

Nandalall is a knucklehead but to imply that he had something to do with Crum Ewing death is libelous.

Then there is the issue of  about the law books...that case is now dropped. Burke is now attacking the legal system.

He is talking about "waging a relentless war". Some may interpret that as threatening violence. He lives in Brooklyn, I believe, so he is safe from prosecution.

Then he wants to invoke a black group BLM to fight his war as if to suggest that the entire PPP is racist.


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