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happy Saturday…n Happy Fathers’ Day to all of u wonderful FADAS ( n single moms who r both mommy n daddy)

whts on the menu? big data in Montreal..for a RACE

D lil gyal going with pops to driving range(golfing) n then taking dad out for lunch(she paying too..hahaha)

I will make a home made pizza (chicken n roasted veggies toppings ) for dinner, with cinnamon roll n chicken patties

whatever u do..have fun n stay safe.  If u drinking, dont drive!

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Elllllloooooo Lynn ...

Wha yuh kooking teeday fuh abee tu eat, eh, eh, eh ... 

Meh daughter, son-in-law an' grandson came over and are cooing up ah storm. 

So wht did the storm bring fuh u to eat?  Some Hail ?? Breeze?? I guess u had some wind-pie n stew breeze??

hahaha. JK …

well d lil data bought lunch (I didnt cook up a ‘storm’)

Made  some home made salmon cakes/patties , chicken/veggies pizza , baiganee n spinach+carrot pakora with green apple chutney…n crustless veggies quiche


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