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A happy, healthy and prosperous new year to all my fellow members at GNI. Let's count our blessings that we made it through 2019 and ring in the new year with hope and prosperity for our children's generation. Whatever you do today and tomorrow, please be safe so we can do this again at the end of 2020. Happy New Year. 

Special thanks to Amral, Ray/Admins.

 From Prince

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Dave posted:

Happy new year Prince, wishing you a wonderful, healthy and prosperous 2020. I also wish the same to all GNI members. Wishing all negativity and difficulties to end and bringing success for the new year. 

Thank you, Dave. Almost all of us have resolutions to change something positively in life as the new year approaches, but most of the time it got fractured by the end of the New Year's eve party. That is part of human nature to say one thing and do something else. It's an individual decision to make changes for the better. But one thing I will say for sure, your health comes before any long term plan of change. I wish all my colleagues on GNI to be physically fit when you approach the age when you feel tired, get aches and pains from out of the blues. My resolution is to revisit the gym on Thursday that I have been absent from for the past three months. That is something I keep for a good part of the year. See, I am not perfect with promises either.  

  and all the best to you and your family. 

Baseman posted:

Anyway, 2020 will be an extraordinarily exciting year in Guyana and in America all we hear!!  

And it is Trump who will decide Guyana’s fate!!

So all you PPP never-Trump knuckleheads, stop your hate!!  Trump take things personal!!

Dem who follow Strumpskontovski very close like Baseman; are extremely happy as they constantly inhale the fumes from his rear end and babbles nonsense all the time.

Amral posted:

sadly for some of us this maybe our last decade alive, we getting older guys, we just got robbed of another living day

That is why I say Fck it, tek lil from neighbor, friend, anyone and anywhere, time running out tek as much as you can now. Amral, the neighbor home alone today?