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Just ‘dropping in ‘to say hello….n c if chami is back…

I got bored talking to myself n took a ‘vacation’ ..

Hope everyone is doing fine…

Bossman was d wedding?

Mits was yr summer harvest? …(oh i need some of the dwarf seim seeds if u have pls..n thnx)

Prezzo…whts cooking?

Cain…..i hope u get used to the new format by now..

VB n IGH…hope u all does drap in n say hello from time to time..

Finally a shout out to new Bossman …Django..

Well winter n a brand new yr ‘soon come ‘ ..


Til next time…

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@Irfon Ali posted:

Hi Lynn, was a busy summer. Hope you had a great Diwali.

Yeah summer was bz..

I am not looking fwd to winter as I hibernate..hehehe

i work PT evenings so i dread driving at nights in the snow esp if i have to clean snow off vehicle after midnite

To go anywhere else..hubby plus i do not go out unless itis absolutely necessary

@Django posted:

I am around taking it easy. Old man winter coming soon.

Cool…tek it easy!! Lol… we all need to do bro!!


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@Irfon Ali posted:

Bojangles stopped posting on his own forum, so I stopped too. 

They said a brutal winter is coming, so brace yourselves.

Lol..u. Bad u know!!

well Chami invitedme to join her again..but then she didnt like the new format ..i am not sure of this-is the reason she left!!

sO i  got bored..i tried very hard to keep convo going.

Ps i dont celebrate Diwali but looking forward to Christmas .

But  up as a kidin GY, Diwali was my 2nd fave holiday after Xmas..

As little kids, our task was to make  mud diyas using ‘caddie’ sis n I made more than 100 n put them to dry in the sun on old zinc sheets  Some cracked in the sun (maybe we didnt make those properly).

We used to pick cotton from an neighbour cotton tree n made wicks for off of the diyas.

We made our own coconut oil so we had to soak the wicks in the oil a bit before we lit them

My mom used our home-made cow ghee for the few diyas to put on her altar.

IT was such fun trying to block the breeze from blowing out the lighted diyas on the steps

My mom used to pray n then  light 1 diya at 6 pm n put it on  her ‘ramine’…then later we lit the rest  whn it got dark

We would keep replenishing the oil so our diyas kept  burning for long hrs!

i enjoyed the ‘sweets’ made..we all ate paratha roti with wet vermicelli for dinner ( i loved that ) …my mom made the best tasting gojha that i have ever tasted with lots of ginger in coconut n nice parsad with cow ghee

ps….next day was hard wrk to scrub the oil from floors n steps!!

These r childhood memories as I moved to Gt whn i was almost 17 ..n after my dad died I stopped going to our home as it was too painful to go there n not be with him..he was my everything n his sudden death affected me as a 17 yr old.

in GT i spent a couple of Diwali with my cuz…n that was it…later I accepted Jesus as my Lord n Savior(at the age of 34) …so I cherish these memories …childhood days (17 yrs) with my parents n 7 siblings .

@Irfon Ali posted:

Hi Lynn, was a busy summer. Hope you had a great Diwali.

I worked on Mon night n it was a nightmare to get home after my shift ended at 1230 am..road blocks due to many detours to get to my home because of road closure n to top it all off..

There was a big fight in the parking lot across our home..400-500 were involved so my entire block was closed off from 930 pm n to 130 am..Indian’s youth!! 1 grp was protesting with banners for Khalistan n others with the Indian Flag..I didnt understand wht this fight was abt until the following day whn i asked a co-worker n he toldme that the Sikhs r fighting for their own state ( Khalistan)….to separate from India

yeah so on Mon night …so the whole area was packed with police cruisers..ambulances n firetrucks for 4 hrs


…on the lighter side, there was a Diwali party at work on Friday 21st but i dont work on Fri so i missed it!


Good morning folks, it has been sometime since I posted. I have been busy and have had little time to be on the forums.  Hope everyone is doing ok.  So far all is well with me. Just another note, I took my latest Covid booster shot, 3 days ago. So that will be # 5 vaccine for me plus my flu vaccine which I took 3 weeks ago.

No side effects and I have mixed my Covid shots. 2 Moderna and 3 Pfizer lol

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