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Without significant amount votes from the Indians and the Amerindians the PNC or APNU is doomed.  The AFC is no longer a force to be reckon with. This election will surely prove them to be useless as a party and a member of the coalition.  The PNC will not only finds itself in the opposition but will also oust those AFC leaders since they are no use to the party.  I see a big mess after March 2 given how the PNC deals with defeat at the polls. 

Moses has already done his farewell party in Whim and don't be surprised if he as already booked his flight to leave the country after the elections.  There is nothing for him whether the government remains in the office or is tossed out. Mark my words.  Serious times ahead

Billy Ram Balgobin
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They cannot stuff the ballot boxes. Lots of measures in place. Boxes packed and verified  with ppp reps on site, ballot and SOP numbers recorder, sealed with seals numbered, etc.

The police promised to uphold the law and ensure law and order. Seems that they will do so. During packing yesterday, a bus full of Afro-Guyanese (unsure whose supporters they are) showed up at the gate and demanded entry. The police prevented them from entering and after some shouting and arguing. They left. Have not heard if the same occurred at other packing verification centres.