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Originally posted by politikalamity:
The Stock market is due for a pullback. Looking at my chart below you can see that over a certain threshhold the market always pulls back. This current bull has been running for a while and will go through a correction of at least 7%.
Good call bannaz. I jumped out two weeks later keeping one position. Still waiting to get back in.
I have not updated this thread in a while, however, this has been a real challenging year for me. I am only up 7% for the year after being up 16% earlier in the year.

I have been pretty much day trading - monitoring the markets hr by hr.

If the market has a good couple of days, meaning the Dow going up about 300 points, I would buy the vix, the opposite would mean buying into the the general markets, for the most part. However, I think everything has to be short term. This market is definitely not for the weak hearted.

Good luck!