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@cain posted:

I just remembered what it was CP24 news. Exciting taranted.

Another big grin….time for me to turn off cp24 get out of my bed…so much to do and so little time

Since my last post on this thread, i watched 2 Netflix movies…Chocolat and Dangerous Beauty..based on true stories

also watched Hallmark’s The Wedding Veil

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@Mitwah posted:

I dint know you had TV service up there. Is there a Walmart and Shoppers?

Thankfully no super large dollar store aka Walmart. No Shoppers neither unless I drive to Lindsay. Strange we have two drugstores in town, one a Pharmasave the other Guardian Pharmacy , a minute's walk between them.

One grocery store, Sobeys.

Best of all, two cannabis stores and another about to open, all within a two minute walk.. This in a town of about 2000. Talk about priorities right?



I saw this movie Whn I was abt 8-9 yrs..i dont rem  the story-line  but I rem the songs n love them! Saira Banu n Joy Mukherji

(I rem after we came out of the cinema , my Ma said that she didnt like the stargirl because β€œshe acte like she crazy” lol

Shagird aired on Zee TV on Thurs n I recorded on PVR, I will look at it soon !

@Wildflower posted:

I have not watched an Indian movie for a while…

last one was Pink

yesterday I watched Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms’ club

baby sleeping now so maybe I start a movie

I’ve seen many of TP’s older movies but no recent ones!

looked at India got talent after my usual SaReGaMaPa.

I've never seen Mughal-e-Azam but I recorded on Friday ! I love Madhubala n Dilip Kumar as well as the songs .

Mughal-e-Azam was the first black-and-white Hindi film to be digitally coloured, and the first in any language to be given a theatrical re-release. The colour version, released on 12 November 2004, w

@Wildflower posted:

I like TP movies!
recently watched Why did I get married…have to see how to watch # 2

saw Mughal …love all those oldies songs

i used to watch lots of old movies when my girls were younger

now it’s mostly me and due to vision issue I limit

I have all TP older movies on DVD n Madea lol

saw Breakthrough after the game.. liked it !!  


Saw Splendour  in the grass last week..beautiful Natalie Woods!

i rem reading this novel as a 2 nd yr UG student. My gf/batchmate used to read thise opβ€˜big fat’ novels that took a week to finish. I used to read them whn she put them down.. then we talked/discussed the stories. I rem reading books like Thorn Birds n all the Danielle Steele books..

the Bourne(identity)  series..

i dont rem all the names of books/authors now ..

many of these novels were made into movies ..

my gf loved Lobsang Tampa books., i started to read  them n was intrigued .. but i felt it was more fiction ie i didnt take it seriously.. to me , they were stories

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@Lynn posted:

Saw Splendour  in the grass last week..beautiful Natalie Woods!

i dont rem all the names of books/authors now ..

Last week I was in the Woods with beautiful Natalie..we smoked some grass...that was sheer Splendour.

I rem the name of an author..J.O Cutteridge.

Cutteridge made a cow jump ova de moon and he tell dem Tom Tom the piper son...steal a pig an away he ran. "From the song Dan is de man in de van.

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