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The Schools Welfare Department of the Ministry of Education on Tuesday morning conducted a truancy campaign at the Stabroek Market area.

Chief Schools Welfare Officer Gillian Vyphuis is quoted in a press release from the Education Ministry as saying that the department noticed that most mornings some children are going to school late.

She said that among the issues which fall under the scope of the department are attendance and punctuality.

According to the Ministry, Vyphuis said that the officers from the department went out to ensure that students get to school on time.


Some of the students were seen loitering at the Stabroek Market area [Ministry of Education photo]

β€œWhat we did this morning, was to round-up children who were loitering and those that were actually late. Help them to enter a bus so that they can go to school.”


According to Vyphuis, the exercise is done on a daily basis and began on the first day of school for this term. She said that since the campaign began, the department has noticed a decrease in loitering by students.


Some of the students were seen loitering at the Stabroek Market area [Ministry of Education photo]

Vyphuis urged parents to encourage their children to attend school daily and punctually because education is the key to success.


According to the ministry, in the case of children that are late on a daily basis, the department will try to transfer the student to a school closer to their residence so that they can arrive at school on time and benefit from more classroom hours.

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