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@cain posted:

THURSDAY...whatderass is dis I readin? So I guess is tv dinners in yo skites. Or you cook an freeze food for whole week?


I freeze my soup only as i make a big pot..

regular  food stays 3 days in fridge. I cook a lot  sundays as i dont cook before i go to work on Mon N Tues (im  on feet for entire shift..not sitting or standing but moving abt ..i am 62 n refuse do β€˜double’ shift at this age!! .ie  to cook n clean at home then go to work at 4 pm.

Wed is my rest day..i avoid  doing anything..even drs appointment ie if i can help it so  we eat lef leff on wed..i just laze around, catch up with phone calls n msgs n em etc n missed tv shows .

sometimes i do freeze dal as i cook a big pot of that n my girls sometimes stop by without this way they have something..i can easily whip up a quick roti or bake for them.

sometimes i freeze a lil GY greens  for big daughter as she enjoys  GY pumpkin , seim n if i cook these n i know she is coming over later in the week..i would freeze a sml bowl for her

NO TV dinner!!! now way!! I have NEVER eaten TV dinner or FROZEN meals  from supermarket ..I cook from scratch n eat home food 99% of time..we do take out once in a while..n I only eat out out  special occasions only .  Hubby loves home cooked food..GYese dishes.  Older daughter eats healthy n indulges in her fave GY food whn she visits.  Lil one loves junk food..n im an international cook for her..( yest i made shepherds  pie just for her alone!! ..but opted for minced turkey n topped with mashed cauliflower, making it a bit more healthy.  I often make pizza for her but from scratch..even the dough!  I go easy on cheese n i roast lot-of again it-is pizza but much healthier than store bought)

For on low carbs because few yrs ago, my bld sugar went i started to watch carb intake..I was never into  junk food n too much  sweet/desert,( except our Gyese pastries n sweets but i am careful with these now.)

I make a huge pot of lentil sweet potato soup n freeze in sml containers ...then i steam or sautee or roast veggies sep to last 1 day or 2 so it is fresh(as i dont like mushy veggies.)  I cook my protein sep..egg (boiled. Scrambled n make veggie  quiche often ) ..i bake salmon n cook chkn  to last for 2-3 days n I always have black bean salad but i add a lot more stuff in it I Make a batch n it lasts for abt 5 days in fridge

PS ..Whn  me pickney dem was at home..i was cooking everyday esp d lil 1..she thought i ran a  full time restaurant

But now me just  relax n tek it easy .

whn they notify me ahead..i does cook food that they like..n i cook extra for lil 1 to take..big girl eats here n thats doggy bag

@cain posted:

Oh rass man I was...jus sayin. Yall two gang up pon a po' po' man.

So Jane how you does whip up roti quick time? I do it too 'cept mine is called pita bread.

Well if i cook 2-3 nnif dem eat straight from tawa ie hot , it soft. Otherwise if it get stale it will get hard .. fast means i dont let it β€˜rest’ as per normal. I knead dough n rest 5 mins.. make dough ball n test few mins n cook ..

i add tbsp  greek yogurt ir kefir plus  pinch if instant yeast in addition to baking powder.. make soft dough with warm wAter!!
btw try turkish flat bread .. it is so good!!

@cain posted:

Helloo Lynn..I took a peek at your Lasagna stuffed chicken in the recipe section and have a question.

How you able to stuff all that lasagna in the chicken lil lil bamsy? Jus askin.

Oh lard isnt mine

i shared a recipe.. but i plan to try it esp since my lil daughter loves lasagna (all pasta) .. im trying to get her to eat less carbs ..

@Irfon Ali posted:

dhal puri & lamb curry for lunch

U tearing tail Irfon…u wifey wake suh early fuh cook n pack yuh lunch to take to work?? Or u nacking restaurant lunch today??

i cooked baigan curry with chkn n aloo,n i have β€˜fry’ (stew) squash with chicken n plenty tomatoes some quinoa/chickpeas salad ..

going to make 2 paratha roit for hubby to enjoy d squash ..

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@Irfon Ali posted:

me family went to Orlando and brought back fat hassars from the West Indian store. do you all put coconut milk in hassar curry?

So did u use coconut milk? If so was fresh, frozen or canned??

Did wifey cook or u tried yr hand??

Do u  cook n help out wifey or u just tell she wht u want fuh eat ?

Yrs ago like 40 yrs i rem 1 of my bhoujie used to have to wait untilmorn formy bro to tell her wht to cook..he didnt know the night before wht he wanted to eat…lol

lord have mercy…me ah cook wha me want fuh cook n hubby nyam n be thankful..

very rarely he would say is long time he didnt eat this..or he feel like eating something..but mostly it-is a snack like he did during covid lockdown..he mentioned coconut buns n cassava pone n gojha which i had never made..soi got the youtube n tried n all came  ok..iheard him talking abt chinese i will try myhand for his bday in May

he mentioned karhee nn i tried it once…n also the big fat dumpling, which i tried but they β€˜fall’ so that was a fail!!

But everyday..i decide wht to cook n d man enjoys whatever wifey cooks …n oh he gets his own  bfast because yrs truly isin bed whn he leaves for his office..(lol) as i seldom  wake before 1130 am (i go to sleep/bed between 4-6am) ..