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Well since i injured my rt elbow (damaged tendon)last Dec, I havent been cooking a lot esp kneading flour

but i am slowly getting better n last night I decided to make my pizza again after 6 months..

made 2 ..1 veggies n other veggies with smoked turkey scraps..

(roasted the veggies: mushroom, eggplant, zucchini, red/gree/.yelow/orange sweet peppers, broccoli n cauliflower)

seasoned with eschallot n basil halved grape tomatoes n pineapple chunks on top

I also made  a crustless quiche using the same veggies (low carbs suitable for diabetics)



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Off to work now..have agreat evening


1 round pizza is vegetarian …for my co-workers..(some r vegetarian..others eat halal..others dont eat turkey)

N Cut pieces for hubby n my younger daughter! Ie With turkey


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