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Reply to "Gocool Boodoo among 16 applicants for Chief Elections Officer job"

Bad name wuk does gat plenty applicants

Nov 01, 2021 Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists, News -- Source - https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...t-plenty-applicants/

Kaieteur News – Guyanese always complaining how wuk nah deh. But every day dem newspapers does gat vacancies advertise. So is nat dat wuk nah deh, is de type of wuk wah people want nah deh.

One ah dem oil company did start out on de wrong foot. It giving all dem fat-paying jobs to dem foreigners, and leaving dem scrappy wuk fuh locals.

Dat is why when people see certain high-paying jobs advertise, dem does apply. And hope fuh de best.

Nuff people applying for de CEO fuh GEEGONE. Dat is one wuk wah gat bad name. If yuh do good, yuh gan still get cuss; if yuh do bad is mo cuss.

Is a wuk does also gat a lot of back stabbing. It had de time when wan man bin get lock out from he own office.

Nuff people does like fuh apply fuh wuk. But when de day fuh interview come, dem does be a no-show. Some ah dem does be more interested in getting de acknowledgement letter so dat dem can show dem better half dat dem looking fuh wuk.

Some people does gat no experience. But when yuh ask dem how much money dem expecting, dem does call some big money dat even if yuh wan give dem a break, yuh cant.

Wan day a manager tun to wan applicant and tell he, “Fuh a man with no experience, yuh certainly asking fuh a high salary.”

De man answer, “Well, de wuk is much harder when yuh don’t know what yuh doing.”

Talk half and wait fuh see who get de bad-name wuk.