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Reply to "Like jango gone fah vote"

Django posted:
Dave posted:

When will you fools learn  that Guyana is still in the stone age and there is no digital system that is functioning . Any data available is misleading, they do not reflect the true numbers. Kids are born everyday, and is not register in the system. There is still the old style of writing down peoples data on a clinic card. 

Lets take for example the recent H2H registration. The technology is there, but Guyana refuse to have it implement because we do not have the skills. People are dying and there is no digital record of these death, same with people migrating. GECOM cannot hit the keyboard and say we have X numbers of register voters.  People had to manually goes out and have these info documented, and they register people to empty house lots.   Guyanese still believe in paper and pencil.

When census is taken, is the same s!it, the census takers show up and promise  to return another day for registration on missing family members.. they never return, so how can the population have a true numbers.

Businesses are done the same way, no one rely on email marketing. The vendors name and balances  is still written on that exercise book and then some businesses manually imput that data into their computer, and guess what... in the middle of doing so the power goes out and the system crash and when the power come back, it burn a few fcking equipment.

Guyana is the only country that does not recognize digital signature. 

So there was no movement towards modernization of the Bureau of Statistics under the PPP ,two Census was done  under their government , in 2002 and 2012. No modernization of management of the country .Now how can one believe the 100,000 house lots developed by Irfaan who used pencil and paper, to keep records at the housing ministry. How can one believe there are 30,000 unemployed and the trillions dollars quotes by the Russian trained economist.

What kind of educations systems was in place ,when laptops and ten thousand dollars of grants was given to students. Is that the reasons  people prints fake certificates ,to show they are educated ? It seems the PPP government took the Country back to stone age . These same people are asking the citizens to vote them in office again, after running the country for 23 years, telling them they have the plan to move the country forward . Well the citizens of the the country have to be fools to elect ,the paper and pencil crew to office again.

Your argument has NO relevance to my comment.... WTF

What does Irfann and house lot has to do with my comment. Why did you brought politics into this comments. ( russian train economist, 100,000 house lot.) WTF  

You can have the best modernization system and if it is not implement efficiently what the purpose. Guyana electricity system sucks.