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Reply to "Like jango gone fah vote"

Dave posted:
Django posted:
kp posted:
skeldon_man posted:

What if the man has gone to Guyana to guard the PNC ballot boxes after dark? Maybe he got calls from Vulga Vulva and Cemetry Orator Anette Ferguson.

He in charge of the poling station in the cemetery.

Yeah bhai, got to manned the polling station, like how the private residences used as polling stations was stuffing ballot boxes for the PPP.

I have uncovered the skulduggery.

Bhai, if indeed PPP stuff the ballot boxes, you of all people should be happy, because your dear mother was able to get her title under PPPC ...

PNC left her to squat on the land. And the land means so much to her, She waited two days ( according to you) at Irfaan office. So that title mean so much to her. God bless her soul. 

And I hope God can OPEN your eyes and remove the devil within. 

Enough of mentioning my mom. It wasn't two days at the office, it was months. Check my post no time line was mentioned, me thinks sometimes you are on some special high. The devil ,knows whom to possessed . No gateway to Django.

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