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Reply to "The epidemic of violence against women in Guyana"

yuji22 posted:

Another excellent thread by Anta. Another thread was closed earlier since it was based on race baiting and served no useful purpose. 

First, this issue affects women of all races in Guyana but mostly affect Indo Guyanese women who suffer at the hands of very abusive Indo Guyanese men. Most of the Indo Guyanese abusers are heavy drinkers who are the biggest culprits. 

Our Indo Guyanese community should be ashamed of themselves to allow this habit to continue to grow, our spiritual leaders and churches have also failed us miserably.

We need to learn from others communities like the Afro Guyanese community which does appear to have been able to deal with this problem since they have a more cohesive Church and Social community organization.

Schools should have mandatory classes on social behaviour and Anti Violence Courses. The education system need to implement these types of courses to at least prepare the next generation. Jagdeo abused  his wife and the PPP failed us miserably.

The current administration can bring badly needed change. Bring back prayers in schools, saying Christian prayers in schools did not make me less of a Hindu. 

Iguana provided us with the best solution. 

The problem though is that the current crop of politicians do not seem interested in dealing with this epidemic. Granger has shown willingness to address the problem, the PPP needs to step up to the plate. 


This is an epidemic which by definition affects everyone - including spiritual leaders and community organizations. The diseased cannot cure the disease. While it might be less prevalent within afro-guyanese communities they are not exempt. Just in April this year, a captain in the GDF shot his mistress. I met him the night before the crime and his manner and conduct gave no hint he was capable of such an act. But your point is valid and we must ask why is it more prevalent in Indo communities. Is it because rural areas are predominantly Indian and their living conditions are poor? Is there a disparity in the number of women murdered in crimes of passion between urban and rural areas? Instead of re-introducing religion in schools, wouldn't it be better to address the actual issue in schools? Isn't it better to start teaching children how to handle rejection and to understand that men don't own women and teach them respect? Isn't better to let children know of the negative impact of peer pressure and teach to refuse to be goaded into acts of brutality?