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Reply to "The epidemic of violence against women in Guyana"

caribny posted:
antabanta posted:

people in many communities are reluctant to interfere in husband and wife story, justified in many cases because "she must be do something to deserve it."

Now we are getting closer to it.

1.  Some women are financially dependent on their men so fear leaving them, especially if they have kids.

2. Some women are terrified that their men are so violent that if they leave sure death will follow if these men find them.

3. Some women still (oddly enough) love these men and so tolerate this behavior and they lack the strength to save themselves.

4. Especially among the 50+ age cohort some women still might believe that their husband has a right to dominate them and to use violence as a controlling mechanism.

5. Many women lack a supporting social network so cannot lean on others to protect them or to give them the strength.

6.  In the Caribbean the authorities aren't really serious about protect victims of domestic violence.  Are "order of protection" decrees enforced?  Do the police take the women seriously when they complain.

If we are serious about reducing domestic abuse we will focus especially on the last two points.

So we can at least establish the problem is not ethnic.

Alcohol has different individual chemical interaction which might depend on the person's emotions at the time.

The last two points, while addressing valid issues, are not causes of the problem. Focusing on them will not bring us closer to a solution, if there is a solution.