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Reply to "The epidemic of violence against women in Guyana"

seignet posted:
Nehru posted:

Ray, Parents need to guide their Kids from very young. Yes, they must be allowed to think and act independently BUT most of us know that what children hear/see when they are young affects them.

Guyana is a chaotic society, the results being complete disrespect for life. Whether it is race politics or policemen shaking down citizens, there is no order of society.

Identifying the problem is fantastic.

And that is it.

Solutions will not be forthcoming because NO ONE CARES for the other.

Indians kill Indians, that is an indian problem. I agree on that.

Doan expect anymore from Granger on the issue of women safety from the men folk of Guyana.

This thread shows many people who care, from all races and who support various parties. Sorry to disappoint you.

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