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29 new desi MPs elected to House of Commons, sets new record© Provided by The Times of India

The House of Commons will see a record 29 Indian-origin members take their seats after the Labour landslide in the 2024 general election. Labour has the most PIO MPs, 19, of which 12 are first-timers


Preet Kaur Gill, who retained Birmingham Edgbaston, was born in Birmingham to Indian parents; her father was president of Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Smethwick, the UK’s first gurdwara.

Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi retains Slougha

Seema Malhotra retains Feltham and Heston

Goan-origin Valerie Vaz, sister of Keith Vaz, wins Walsall and Bloxwich

Lisa Nandy retains Wigan.

Navendu Mishra retains Stockport

Nadia Whittome retains Nottingham East.


Baggy Shanker, a Sikh, won Derby South, a seat that has been Labour since its formation. Born and raised in the UK, his father came to the UK in the 1950s and worked in a foundry. He works for Rolls-Royce. He is also a Labour councillor and had been Labour leader of Derby City Council until June 18 when he was ousted after a vote of no confidence by opposition councillors.

Gurinder Singh Josan won the safe seat of Smethwick. Aged 51, he was appointed a CBE in the 2019 New Year Honours, "for political service". He used to be a trustee of Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Smethwick, where Avtar Singh’s funeral took place last year.

Harpreet Uppal, a British Sikh, won Huddersfield, becoming the constituency’s first female MP. Uppal was born and raised in Fartown and is the daughter of textile worker Lamber Singh Uppal and his wife Satvinder. Her father came to the UK from India in 1962.

Jas Athwal, aged 60, won Ilford South, a safe Labour seat. Athwal was born in Punjab into a Punjabi Jat Sikh family. He lived there until his family relocated to Ilford when he was seven years old.

Dr Jeevun Sandher, 33, won Loughborough for Labour, seizing it from the Conservatives. He was born in the UK and his family is from near Jalandhar, Punjab. Sandher, a British Sikh, leads the economics team at think tank the New Economics Foundation. He previously worked at the Treasury and prior to that was an economist at the Somaliland Ministry of Finance where he co-wrote their national development plan and budgets.

Kanishka Narayan (34) won Vale of Glamorgan, seizing it from the Conservatives and becoming the first ethnic minority MP elected to represent a Welsh constituency at Westminster. He was born in Bihar and moved to Wales aged 12. Studied at Oxford and Stanford. He was senior adviser at the Cabinet Office and expert adviser to the environment secretary. He is a technology consultant who has invested in climate and fintech start-ups.

Another Labour gain from the Conservatives was Bolton North east won by Kirith Entwistle. The 33-year-old British Punjabi was born in Southall. Her India-born maternal grandparents moved to the UK from Kenya in the 1970s. Her father moved to the UK from Delhi in the 1980s.

Another British Sikh, Satvir Kaur, won Southampton Test, a Labour hold. She is a councillor and former Labour leader of Southampton City Council when she was the first ethnic minority member to lead it.

Warinder Juss, also Sikh, helped Labour seize Wolverhampton West from the Conservatives.

British Parliament also got its first Keralite MP with Kottayam native Sojan Joseh (49) gaining the Labour seat of Ashford from the Conservatives. From Kaippuzha in Kottayam, he moved to the UK to work as an NHS nurse 22 years ago and later became a Labour councillor.

Sonia Kumar, a PIO Sikh, gained the Labour seat of Dudley from the Conservatives, beating her Conservative opponent Marco Longhi who had written letters to British Pakistani constituents questioning whether she would represent Kashmir in parliament and underlining her name.

Sureena Brackenbridge won Wolverhampton North East


Outgoing PM Rishi Sunak retains Richmond and Northallerton

Former home secretary Suella Braverman wins Fareham and Waterlooville

Former home secretary Priti Patel retains Witham

Former minister Claire Coutinho retains East Surrey

Gagan Mohindra retains South West Hertfordshire

Shivani Raja wins Leicester East

Barrister and doctor Neil Shastri-Hurst won Solihull and Shirley, holding on to the Conservative seat. Born and raised in the UK; his father was born in Vadodara and emigrated in the 1970s where he met his wife, who is British. He joined the British Army as a medical officer. Since 2018, Shastri-Hurst (40) has practised as a barrister.


Munira Wilson retains Twickenham


Iqbal Mohamed, whose parents arrived in the UK from India in the 1960s, gained Dewsbury and Batley

Shockat Adam, Leicester South. His parents arrived in the UK from Malawi when he was three.

29 new desi MPs elected to House of Commons, sets new record (

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The Indian diaspora in the United States numbers over 4 million. India 2023 population is estimated at 1,428,627,663 people at mid year. India population is equivalent to 17.76% of the total world population.

Do you know that with a population of approximately 1.42 billion people, India stands as the most populous country in the world?
Azadski, India had the most people living abroad of any country worldwide in 2020, according to the UN's latest data published in the World Migration.

India has the most people in the world but has no veto power in the UN while China has veto power. Clearly shows what Colonialism is all about.

Perhaps. It's the United States using the United Nations to further its own Cold War interests.


I don't want to go down that route. I have met some really stupid ass India Indians and Pakis, who would love for China to beat India in a war and take its land. Without America and Russia then India will be a conquered land by the Chinese (regardless of Communist China and Capitalist Taiwan. They are the same when it comes to conquer other people).The Indian people would experience the same thing gthat the Tibetan people are experiencing. Racial genocide by Han Chinese.

Ali Khan Azad
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India was never ever conquered. There is not a single nation that could conquer India at least as of 2024 and the near future. Even the United States, the strongest military force on the planet would struggle to conquer India, in a hypothetical conflict. Now, India is ranked as the 4th strongest military in the world.


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