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Sydney man calls for wife to be deported from Australia back to India

By A Current Affair Staff|5 months ago

A Sydney man said he wants his wife deported back to India after their marriage unravelled.

Kanwal and Naina were introduced a few years ago and broke up this year.

Naina said she wants the dowry her family paid for their marriage to be returned. Sydney man Kanwal. (A Current Affair)

"All I want, give me back whatever my parents paid in this wedding and whatever my parents gave you, just give me back," Naina said.

Kanwal claims his wife's demands are what initially caused some friction.

But he said things got worse after Naina received permanent residency in Australia, claiming he received a difficult call from one of his wife's relatives while they were visiting India. Kanwal's wife Niana. (A Current Affair)

"Saying I'm impotent and I'm not keeping Naina happy and he's going to file a case against me. I was shocked I was absolutely shocked," Kanwal told A Current Affair.

"I can tell you I'm not impotent."

With impotency a valid excuse for divorce in India, Naina filed a complaint against her husband with the Punjab Police. Naina and husband Kanwal. (A Current Affair)

The complaint included demand for Kanwal to repay the wedding dowry.

But Kanwal didn't stay in India to face the police.

Instead, he flew to Sydney to visit a doctor who gave him a note confirming he had no physical issues.

Kanwal's dowry dossier includes demands from an Indian police officer to pay compensation. Kanwal and Naina were introduced a few years ago and broke up this year. (A Current Affair)

Kanwal was sceptical about the demands he received via email but Indian police confirmed to Kanwal that Naina's complaint is official.

Now his family say they fear if they don't front up to face the allegations, they could lose their family home in India in order to pay the compensation.

Naina is now back in Australia and living in Melbourne.

She also revealed that her nickname for Kanwal was β€œhoney”, even having it tattooed on her hand. This is something Naina wants to remove.

Kanwal claimed that his estranged wife used him.

Australian Indian Man wants Wife Deported back to India

He said: β€œShe has broken my trust, my family’s trust and she’s just used me as a guinea pig just to get what she wanted.”

Meanwhile, Naina alleged that she was the one being used, saying:

β€œHe had planned and plotted to dump me, to use me and to take money from my parents, that was his plotting, not mine.”

Kanwal went on to reveal that their wedding photo is now kept in the wardrobe.

Australian Indian Man wants Wife Deported back to India 2

Naina explained that one reason for their marriage declining was a lack of physical intimacy.

She added that her love for him had been genuine.

Kanwal said: β€œI went against my family to get married to Naina because I loved her.”

According to the report, the decline in their marriage turned nasty, with Kanwal stating that he does not love her anymore, adding:

β€œI don’t think anybody would.”


Both want the marriage to end but Kanwal wants Naina out of Australia.

He elaborated: β€œI don’t think any person of this mentality deserves to be an Australian citizen, this is against Australian values.”

It is believed they are disputing over dowry, with Naina revealing that her parents spent a lot of money on the wedding.

Sydney man calls for wife to be deported from Australia back to India - POLITICS | LIFESTYLE - SIKH SANGAT



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