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May 9, 2022


Kaieteur News – Several persons are now homeless in Amelia’s Ward, Linden following an operation by the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA), to break down all structures that were on squatting lands where a road is expected to be constructed.The area, known as Third Phase Amelia’ Ward, is expected to be developed into a housing scheme. In a notice to the squatters, CHPA informed them that the demolition would have taken place on May 12th, 2022, however officials descended on the community with heavy-duty machinery and the police to execute the operation on Friday, six days before the deadline. “Cease and desist from all unauthorised developmental works and remove all encumbrances including wooden structures on or before 12th May, 2022”, the notice, signed by Secretary of the Central Housing and Planning Authority, Rajesh Ramgolam, said.

Approximately 10 structures were destroyed. One of the residents is said to be a victim of domestic violence and in her bid to escape the abusive relationship, constructed a wooden home, which was on Friday demolished. Efforts to build back the home were being made by a party of regional officials led by Member of Parliament Jermaine Figueira. When quizzed as to why the home was being constructed at the same location that is deemed squatting land and in conjunction with the Country and Planning Act, Article 20:01, he said there is no other land to construct at this juncture and the woman cannot be left in the rain.

Several of the residents whose houses or incomplete structures were not destroyed, were concerned about their investment and alleged that they purchased land from a member of the People’s Progressive Party, name given as Mr. Fraser, for the lands. At least one resident produced documentation for a land that he purchased from the Guyana Lands and Survey Commission and now is being deemed as squatting land. His structure was also destroyed.Meanwhile, in an invited comment to the media, Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal, said that notices were issued to the residents and that the structures are in the place where a road is to be constructed. He said some of the residents were warned to cease all construction, but failed to heed the warning and construction of concrete houses continued after the warning.

Regional Chairman Deron Adams in a statement said, he RDC
“The RDC stands in complete solidarity with the residents on this issue given these clear breaches of protocol as we call for a clear determination of what will be done for the affected residents before any further work is contemplated.” The Regional Chairman questioned why this exercise was carried out so very hurriedly on a holiday. “The deadline given for these residents to comply is clearly stated as May 12th, 2022, which has not even arrived as yet, but still the area has been bulldozed.”

The operation sent the Linden community in an uproar and scores of residents took to social media describing the act as unconscionable and inhuman. Many residents expressed the struggle to acquire a house lot even after applying for years. This frustration and the need for shelter have forced many residents to turn to squatting. The government has continuously called on residents to desist from squatting and to await the allocation of regularised house lots.





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“Alternative” housing solutions for squatters whose homes were demolished by authorities

Some sixteen persons who have come forward to lay claims to structures which were demolished during an exercise in a squatting area at Phase 4, Amelia’s Ward Linden, were part of a ‘fruitful’ discussion with Chief Executive Officer of the Central Housing and Planning Authority, Sherwyn Greaves.

On Monday, May 9, 2022 the CEO along with Housing Officials engaged persons at the Regional Housing Office, Linden where they highlighted their plight and were informed of the Ministry’s approach moving forward.

“The engagement was very fruitful. I came in with some trepidation of hostility but there was nothing like that and I must commend the people for that,” the CEO stated.

Greaves outlined to residents that while the exercise was unfortunate, it was necessary as the area was earmarked for a new thoroughfare and the agency could no longer sit by and hold back development.

When the occupational survey was done in mid-2021, there were no structures in the path of the road, however, squatters in the area were advised against erecting new structures, and making additions to existing structures.

“These structures weren’t here when we first visited in December 2021, they are new structures and unfortunately, they fell directly where the roads were going and had to be moved…Nevertheless, those persons will be reallocated house lots in other locations so that they will not be out of residence”.

Of the 16 informal settlements, only two habitable structures existed at the time of demolition, while the other structures varied from chain-link fences to wooden and concrete foundations. However, the CEO has committed to providing alternative housing solutions for all persons affected. The allocation of the house lots is expected to begin as early as Friday.

While the affected persons have agreed to the suggested resolution to the matter, the CEO pointed out that the issue of squatting is causing major set backs in the housing drive for the region.

He noted that while there are genuine instances where persons are forced to occupy lands illegally, this practice cannot and would not be encouraged.

Greaves further explained, “Last year we allocated 400 house lots in Amelia’s Ward and we cannot give persons access to those lots because of those persons who are squatting. Now we have to move around that and we have to constantly be changing our plan and it is unfair to those 400 people to be affected by a few so as a result, those actions were taken.”

@Irfon Ali posted:

uncle harrison will defend PPP Crookedness till he gasps his last breath

Perhaps Ali is his relative.

Why break down the poor people's shacks before providing them alternative accommodation?

These heartless wretches have their day coming.

@Mitwah posted:

Perhaps Ali is his relative.

Why break down the poor people's shacks before providing them alternative accommodation?

These heartless wretches have their day coming.

guyana never had a muslim president, so the muslims are giddy with excitement and are worshipping me twin 

uncle harr was a big pnc man, Forbes hydro engineer


Houses allocated to 18 young Linden professionals

May 15, 2022 News -- Source -- Kaieteur News Online -- https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...inden-professionals/

– represents first phase of Reg. 10 1000 Homes Project

Kaieteur News – Eighteen young professionals from the mining town of Linden, Region 10 will soon be moving into their new homes, having finalised the documentation process for the units.
This is according to a release issued by the Ministry of Housing’s Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA).

A young police professional who will soon move into her housing unit

The release noted that on Friday, the CH&PA Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Sherwyn Greaves, and staff of the Land Allocation Department, facilitated the exercise at the Regional Housing Office in Linden.

A number of the young professionals, including doctors, teachers, police officers, and other public servants were given a walk-through of the homes allotted to them in Amelia’s Ward. The beneficiaries will officially receive the keys to their homes in the coming weeks as construction wraps up.

Another 22 units will also be handed over in the coming weeks, accounting for the first 40 units which have been built.

“This is just the start of a lot of exciting things that are coming to this region. Right now, we’re spending close to $400 million doing preparatory works, and so when that is done you will see roads, medical facilities, schools, etc,” the CEO stated.

In January 2021, during a cabinet outreach, His Excellency, President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali outlined a massive development plan for Linden, inclusive of a 1000 Homes Project. This project will see housing units being constructed to cater for young professionals of all income brackets.

Following this announcement, the Ministry of Housing and Water, through the Central Housing and Planning Authority met with several young professionals who indicated their interest in these homes.

The first phase of the project saw the construction of the 40 two-bedroom, one toilet and bath elevated units. Already preparation has started in the form of land clearing and infrastructure development for the second phase of the Government’s 1000 Homes Project for Region 10.

@cain posted:

So they give houses to the professionals but not the poor whose shacks were torn down and that should make things right nuh DG?

Dem trying to secure votes in the next election. Seems like everyone is a professional; even squatters.


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