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MVP Award for Narayan Ramdhani

Apr 01, 2021 Sports, Source - Kaieteur News Online - https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...or-narayan-ramdhani/ Ramdhani with Head Coach Naeem Haque.

Kaieteur News – Guyana’s Badminton Champion Narayan Ramdhani received the MVP award for the third year in a row at the Kings University in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where he is studying and competing in the sport.

Narayan even in the Covid-19 pandemic is trying to keep up with his training as a Badminton hopeful for the Tokyo Olympics. The award was presented to the young player by Head Coach Naeem Haque recently.

Narayan’s major achievements to date:
Guyana Current National Ranking No.1
Guyana’s Junior Sportsman of the Year 2016
Highest British Colombia (Canada) Ranking No.3 (2017)
Highest Pan Am Junior Ranking No.3 (2016)
Highest World Junior Ranking No.53 (2016)
AB Canada Current Kings University Ranking No.1
AB Canada Current ACAC Ranking No.2
Canada Current CCAA National Ranking No.4
4-Times Athlete of the Week Kings University (Canada) 2019 & 2020
2-Times ACAC All Conference Award (Canada) 2019 & 2020
3-Times MVP Kings University (Canada) 2019. 2020 & 2021
Athlete of the Year Kings University (Canada) 2018-19
ACAC Championship Gold Medalist (Canada) 2019
CCAA Championships Bronze Medalist (Canada) 2019
Yonex Alberta Series #1 Gold Medalist (Canada) 2019
VCR Jack Under-Hill Tournament Gold Medalist (Canada) 2018
VCR Remembrance Day U-23 Tournament Gold Medalist (Canada) 2017
Caribbean International Bronze Medalist (Suriname) 2018
Caribbean Regional Juniors Gold Medalist ((Aruba) 2016
Caribbean Regional Juniors Bronze Medalist (Dominican Republic) 2015
Caribbean Regional Juniors Silver Medalist (Jamaica) 2014
Caribbean Regional Juniors Bronze Medalist (Puerto Rico) 2013
Caribbean Regional Juniors Bronze Medalist (Dominican Republic) 2012
Caribbean Regional Juniors Silver Medalist (Barbados) 2011
Caribbean Regional Junior Gold Medalist (Suriname) 2007
Peru International Bronze Medalist (2016)
Suriname Easter International Gold Medalist (Triple Champion) 2016
South American Youth Games Bronze Medalist (Peru) 2013
Inter Guiana Games Team Silver Medalist (Suriname) 2014
Participated at the CAC Games (Mexico/Colombia) 2014 & 2018
Participated at the Pan Am Games (Canada/Peru) 2015 & 2019
Participated at the Pan Am Olympic Festival Games (Mexico) 2015
Participated at the Commonwealth Games (Australia) 2018
Participated at the South American Games (Bolivia) 2018
Guyana’s Team Captain at the World Juniors (Peru) 2015

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