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I am glad Obama wrote of his lists of movies he watched. Then I can do likewise without being concerned of GNIers commentaries. Refrained for years, sharing.

The way I read a book. Read the first page, the last page, several pages in between. Then, I write about one page of how I believe the story goes.

Inform My Lady, who being an avid reader, of my summation. She tells me if I am correct.

Movies, that is a whole different thing. I am intrigued by directors, the way  they frame a scene. The way one scene changes to another. The rolling clouds, the magnificence of earth charateristic captured in telling a story on film.

My movies:

The Quiet Man.

PS, I love you.

The age of Adeline.

Leap Year

Captain Corellie's Mandolin

The River.

The Magic of Belle Isle.

The Sure Thing.

The American President.

I love films that has sceneries of Ireland. Never been there, but love the place and films feeds my imagination. 



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