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United States-based Guyanese entrepreneur Ron Soogrim cultivates success in global agricultural business

Ron Soogrim visits and inspects produce from one of his farms.
Ron Soogrim visits and inspects produce from one of his farms.
Photo courtesy Ron Soogrim

Ron Soogrim is a beacon of agricultural prowess and entrepreneurial spirit. His roots are deeply entrenched in the fertile soil of the United States. As the founder of DEVSOO FARMS LLC, he has carved a distinguished path in the agricultural landscape in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He is renowned worldwide for his fiery pepper sauce, traditional achar, and various authentic products.

From humble beginnings to agricultural pioneer, Ron’s journey epitomizes resilience and determination. Born and raised in Guyana, he inherited a rich farming heritage that laid the foundation for his entrepreneurial aspirations. As a teenager, he left Guyana and came to the U.S. to study, but his family fell on hard times, and he was forced to drop out of school. Faced with an uncertain future, he joined the U.S. Army and served for two years before getting his immigration status in order.

Founder of Devsoo Farms LLC Ron Soogrim.
Founder of Devsoo Farms LLC Ron Soogrim.Photo courtesy Ron Soogrim

A few years later, he moved to Hoboken, New Jersey. Ron was the first Guyanese to open a West Indian retail store; over a few years, he established five thriving supermarkets and spread the warmth of Guyanese culture. As his business thrived, he saw the demand for agricultural produce in high numbers, and he decided to venture into farming, which was one of his best decisions to date.

“It was difficult for me when I started because, in Guyana, we do farming differently than here, so I faced my fair share of challenges. However, with the help of the Amish growers, they advised and worked with me.”

Today, he oversees more than 350 acres of farmland across South Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware, transitioning from grocer to agriculturist with remarkable success. For Ron, farming isn’t just about cultivating crops — t’s a pathway to prosperity and a testament to the enduring bond between agriculture and heritage.

“Farming operations are more profitable than running a supermarket. With the supermarket, I had to work seven days; farming gives me more time for myself and my family, which makes me happier.”

The line of products produced by Devsoo Farms LLC.
The line of products produced by Devsoo Farms LLC.Image courtesy Ron Soogrim

Under Ron’s leadership, DEVSOO FARMS has emerged as a purveyor of exquisite produce and captivating taste buds worldwide. From the scorching heat of his pepper sauce to the tangy allure of his achar, each product reflects the essence of Guyanese cuisine infused with culinary innovation.

Ron’s company, DEVSOO FARMS LLC, supplies vegetable produce to most West Indian stores in Queens and some Long Island stores. With a reputation for quality and freshness, DEVSOO FARMS has become the go-to source for authentic Guyanese and Caribbean vegetables in these areas. Ron’s dedication to providing top-notch produce has solidified his company’s position as a trusted supplier within the West Indian community, catering to the culinary needs of residents and businesses alike. He manufactures a line of 35 products and is looking to expand.

Devyn Soogrim is reaping the harvest from one of their farms.
Devyn Soogrim is reaping the harvest from one of their farms.Photo courtesy Ron Soogrim

Family and hard work are the cornerstones of Ron’s success, with his dedication to his three children mirroring his unwavering commitment to excellence. Beyond business, Ron embodies the ethos of sustainability and stewardship, channeling his passion for agriculture into a legacy of environmental responsibility.

Soogrim exemplifies a spirit of generosity and compassion by actively engaging in charitable endeavors, particularly in his home country, Guyana. Believing in the importance of giving back to his community, Ron has undertaken numerous philanthropic initiatives to support those in need. His charitable efforts have impacted the lives of many in Guyana. Through his commitment to making a difference, Ron continues to embody the values of compassion and solidarity, enriching the lives of others and fostering positive change in his homeland.

“I like to share what I have with others and assist those who need help. I would also like to share my knowledge about farming with others in the sector. I also share my knowledge through seminars in Thailand and host workshops in Sri Lanka.”

DEVSOO FARMS LLC transcends mere enterprise, symbolizing Guyanese entrepreneurship’s pioneering spirit and boundless potential on the global stage. For those seeking authentic Guyanese flavors and the fruits of Ron’s labor, DEVSOO FARMS beckons as a testament to ingenuity, tradition, and unwavering dedication to excellence.

United States-based Guyanese entrepreneur Ron Soogrim cultivates success in global agricultural business  – Caribbean Life

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