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Reply to "Favorite actors/actresses/movies"

@Mitwah posted:

But the Kapoors dominated for 8 generations. They have stifled millions of other actors. Even the Khans had limited access.

True but I still loved them as actors.. i enjoyed their movies ( except for randhir n im not a fan of kareena)

i love Dharam as an actor n Hema as an actress n better yet as a jodi!! But i dont like their personal  life.. he was a married man with kids n had affair with Hema n then became a muslim just so he can have 2 wives!!
But this has no relevance to their acting career n doesn't stop me from enjoying their movies n loving them as actors!!

Many of these actors n actresses do not live decent lives ..

Madhuri ( my dave gal) had affair with Sanjay Dutt whn his wife was sick with cancer)’

Sridevi was pregnant with Boney’s child before he was divorced n before him she had affair with married Mithun

salman’s dad has 2 wives ( Helen is wife #2)

sanjay khan had affair with Zeenat Aman …

but u cant deny their talent n it doesnt stop me from liking them as actors!!
there were a lot if rumors that my boy RK was abusive to Dimple.. i he will always b my superstar!! Sure im disappointed n sad to hear such stories..but he was the 1 st n only superstar for me n will always b my all time fave starbai