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About Raja Hasan

At the age of seven, when the little kid called Raja Hasan Sagar gave his first singing performance, the the music pundits were stunned. It was a spell-bounding performance that left no doubt that this Raja Hasan would go on to make a name for himself.

Born in Bikaner, Rajasthan, singing was in his blood. Coming from a family, who were traditionally the royal singers of the Jodhpur state, singing came to him almost naturally. His gurus - father Rafiq Sagar and grandfather Allah Rakha Khan were his early mentors. As a kid he would copy his father's style of singing.

A product of Sardul School, Raja Hasan has three younger sisters. Raja Hasan Sagar left his studies in Bikaner, Rajasthan, to come to Mumbai eight years ago. He wasn't good in studies, and couldn't pass his Standard 12 examinations. He told his mother that he wanted to make a career in music. She supported Raja and told him that he should make it big".

In Mumbai, things were a struggle. Raja Hasan used to sing ghazals at a popular resort on the outskirts of Mumbai. He even tried his hand at music direction but it didn't work. He has even sung a ghazal for the movie Khosla Ka Ghosla. He shuttles between Mumbai and Bikaner as he performs bhajans and ghazals.

Raja has has also travelled widely - his stage shows in the Middle East were hugely popular.

The Saregamapa Story

It was an up and down path for Raja Hasan at Saregamapa. He wasn't selected into the final list. He however made it to the "stand by" list of singers known as the "Eklavya" gharana. In the Eklavya gharana, he sang Subah Subah from I see You, which pleased Vishal-Shekhar. His performance of "Meri Zindagi Ek Payaas" from Judaai moved Aditya Narayan, and soon there was a slight spotlight on his talent. He managed to get into the main draw. His Allah Ke Bande performance won him instant fans across the globe, and suddenly this man with curly hair and an innocent smile was hot property.

But things still weren't going his way. He again was eliminated by judge Anandji, who felt Amanat Ali's performance was superior that day. Raja's accepted the decision smiling, and that moved many people. In the first public voting of the season, where eliminated singers could be voted back into the show, Raja struck gold. He got almost one-third of the votes and was brought back into the main draw.

For the next three weeks, his performances mesmerised people - he continued topping the public voting list.