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@Sunil posted:

since 2004. Where are all the old timers

If remember some names like Chief, Asj. Nuff, BK, Reds, Chams, ICIP, Terry. Kazaa, Raymond, Da Freak, Sweet Fig, Joan, ( i dont rem her gni handle..but Jean King), Rosita n her hubby Steve, Cher, RajK (n Dara) , Marcy, i rem few others but cant rem their handles..

VillageBelle, Sabrina, Petal, Sir Charles,  Carl, the grey goose guy who died, ..Bird,

there was a guy who didnt like Dara ..abu jihad

there was Mike ..n DG

i forgot the lady  name but she was freaky gf..


@antabanta posted:

Y'all fuget about me bai, Cliff. He was a character.

I rem cliff…he died a couple of month after i joined gni..

i was brand new to the forum..just few days as new member n he posted soemthing under i post i was inappropriate /disrespectful / out of line sort of thing(dont quite rem) n i msgd admin(amral)n cliff was suspended for 2 wks..

but whn he came back he sent an apology..

apparently it wasn’t unusual for that sort of stuff but because  i was new to the forum, i didnt expect that sortof things..but he was so nice..humble  n after that he was quite nice to me..never got personal  

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@Mitwah posted:

Missed Nehru, Bibi, Baseman..... dem used to bright up de place. heheheheheh. Bibi, I missed my coffee. meh see yuh peeped in recently!

Bibi?? BK u mean??

I rem a nurse gal..i think she was Amral Frenno ..sabrina?? ..there were 2 of them  but i dont rem her name..if it was Cher

or Cher was Cham’s buddy??? Rosita was a nice lady ..

De freak had a gf too..dont rem her name

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