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@Lynn posted:

She resembles Ravenna Tandon ..a bit

wow SRK getting paired acting with these young girls!

She is rich. Owns some product lines and even her own private jet.

Nayanthara reportedly owns a number of homes in cities including Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kerala, as per Her ancestral house is one of the most luxurious properties in Kerala, while the other two are in Hyderabad’s affluent Banjara Hills neighborhoods and cost her about Rs 15 crore each, GQ reports.

Financial Express:

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@Mitwah posted:

Just finished watching Jawan on Netflix. Too much violence and smoking. Enjoyed the dances. I think Sharukh handled that dual role of father and son with excellence. A bit too long.

That is the problem with the new movies..toomuch violence..

i enjoy romance n family drama..

reason why i didnt care for AB movies..always revenge n fighting

RK was n is still my fave because of the kind of movies he made..romancen family!!

U saw ANIMAL..that also looks horrible,

i was going to watch Kabhie singh but someone toldme not to..

i saw a movies with SRK..with the Pakistani actress..apart from 1 song..i regret looking at it..


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