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i Must  try this..

Badam Halwa
Heat 1/2 cup ghee on medium flame.
Add raisins / cashews and fry until the raisins swell / cashews turn golden. Remove and keep aside. In the same ghee, add 2 cups fine blanched almond flour.
Allow it to fry well. Keep stirring so it cooks uniformly.
Keep the flame on medium and keep stirring every few seconds until the colour of the flour changes.
It will start giving off a nice aroma. Lower the flame, add 1 cup cream (or more if you want it richer).
Stir really well as the cream will sizzle and absorb into the flour very quickly. Next add powdered sugar / sweetener.
You can start with 1 cup and increase depending on your preference.
Reduce the flame to low and stir until the sugar melts and blends completely. Won’t take much time.
Add powdered cardamom and mix well. Keep a check on the colour.
It should be a rich brown colour.
Add a few strands of saffron and mix well (if you like). Add the raisins / cashews.
Garnish with almond slivers and a few saffron strands (optional

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