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Hey hey hey Sean ... hey hey hey 

You do remember that four years ago - 2016 - there were over forty individuals who were competing at the Republican presidential selection.

There were sooooooo much that they had to have first, second and even third tier groups in the selection process, while numerous dropped out before the actual debated started.

Perhaps, you will remember that Lindsey Graham was waaaaaay down in the third tier.      


Democrats minds are like clocks.

Mon - Tuesday It’s Biden

Wed - Thurs It’s Bloomberg

Fri - Sat It’s Warren

Sunday - It’s  Bernie

hey hey hey

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Bai Ray. I understand what’s happening. Not you but some members are getting all worked up. The Dems know that Bernie can potentially lose with his socialist agenda. Having Biden appears to be a better strategy.

The problem is that if this ends up and super delegates select Biden over Bernie, there will be a fracture in the party and Most of Brenie’s Loyal supporters will stay home.

Let’s see how this plays out.

In the meanwhile, this is fun to watch for conservatives. 

What happen to all you Bai Mini Mike ?

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Baseman: "Amral, WTF going on here again? Why can’t I quote Anta??

Mr Antabanta, I will not address your view of Trump. However, if that’s your assessment of Biden, a man who served decades in government at high levels and under very successful presidents, then I question your logic as it pertains to clueless and cluefull. And I ain’t a Biden man.

Biden has not been inspirational thus far. He does not have the gravitas and passion, but not clueless by any stretch.

Vote Trump, vote Ali."

Have you watched the debates? He seems to be working on the principle that a good TV presence is most important - staring into the camera, acting sober and deep - but that does not make up for his bumbling performance. He does not have the quick-wit and presence of mind to respond to Trump's meaningless, taunting.


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