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Anybody using this app?

My eldest daughter intro me to it as she was learning Spanish before her trip to Mexico

So i asked her to download it for me..

n im addicted…

the thing is i did Spanish in high sch from form1-3 (1971-74)

I was top student getting 99% (just because my teacher didnt feel anyone deserved 100% so he had to search for a reson to take away that if i didnt cross a T or dot an I or the full-stop wasnt visibible enough..also handwriting!!

unfortunately I wasnt allowed to continue it to exam level because I opted to do Science…it was offered in Arts only.

well I am shocked how much i the vocab..

Translation from spanish to English is simple for me..

n the verbs conjugation

Putting english to Spanish is abit challenging ie to make sentences…

never-the-lessm I managed to move up to emerald levels,( n in the top 3 too ) in a month.

Now it is more difficult..meaning i have to learn it at this leavel..


hubby is laughing at me..wants to know if im planning to relocate to s Spanish speaking

iT is  good for the ‘ole’ brain ..

i am having so much fun..

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