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I will think with other social media stuff all around, there does not seem to be much interest anymore in the discussion forums.

It was a long ride, well over 20+ years. Quite a few ups and downs.

But I am going to call it as I see it. It is time for us to move on. We made many friends and sadly lost a few friends along the way.

I do not have the time to post much anymore, many other distractions and obligations.

Anyway this is my opinion.

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@Lynn posted:

Sad but true..

i came back because Chami asked me to..n then she left(due to the new format.  

Itis really boring..but I didnt want to abandon ship so quickly.

it felt really foolish posting on my own..but i kept at it, hoping…

as u say, social media β€˜took over’ …

the β€˜good ole days’ r gone!!

Social Media take over, not many are interested in forums.

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