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AAINA..Mumtaz n Rajesh Khanna

Ram Shashtri, an upper Caste Hindu Brahmin, lives in a small village in India. He has a large family, consisting of his wife, Savitri, five daughters and three sons. Ram supports them, earning meagre wages, by performing prayers and last rites for the Hindu community.

Ashok, (the son of the Village Mukhiya, Jagannath Rao), is in love with Shalini, the eldest Shashtri child, and wants to marry her. As the Rao's are of a much lower caste than the Shastri's, Ashok is told by his father that he cannot marry Shalini. After an argument with his dad, he joins the army, and a few weeks later, a telegram is sent to Jagannath informing him Ashok has been killed.

As Ram's work dwindle and he can no longer sustain his family, Savitri attempts to poison the entire family, but Shalini stops her in time. She gets a job and is able to support her family. Her brother, Gautam, wants to be a doctor, while her sister, Poorna, wants to be a singer. Her siblings need for schooling causes Shalini to make the choice to leave her village for Poona.

Her brother's need for admission to medical school comes at the cost of her dignity and innocence. The family, though are left in the dark. Shalini gets a β€˜raise’ and an offer for a bigger pay raise if she re-locates to the capital, Delhi. She sends plenty of money so her dad no longer has to work, and her siblings can carry on with their respective studies.

It's in Delhi, when late one night when a knock on Shalini's door, who was expecting a client, leads to a shocking truth. Ashok, alone in a new city and wanting company, was told to go to an address where he could find a prostitute.

Both are shocked to see each other. Shalini makes no attempt to hide her trade and tells Ashok that this is the way she has been supporting her family. Ashok, still in love with Shalini, leaves heartbroken.

Meanwhile, Shalini's sister, Girja, meets a young man, Raju, and both fall in love. Now a doctor, Gautam is in love with the Tehsildar's daughter, Usha, and wants to marry her. Shalini returns home to attend Girja's marriage and recognises the groom. Before the wedding, the groom is nowhere to be found.

It's revealed when Shalini goes looking for and finds him that they both have a secret. He was a former client. They promise to keep their past relations a secret, as he loves Girja and still wants to marry her. Girja's marriage takes place with great pomp and ceremony and everyone compliments Shalini, for without her efforts, the family would have been destitute.

Gautum, who has done nothing except ask Shalini for handouts, tells her to arrange his marriage to Usha. Meanwhile, Ashok returns home to his father, who had been expecting him as Shalini had told him that Ashok was alive. During his return visit, Ram and Savitri arrive to invite them to the wedding. After they leave, Ashok tells his father about his discovery of Shalini's work. Although his father is shocked and relieved Ashok said nothing in front of her parents, unfortunately Ram and Savithri overhear them, causing Ram to fall unconscious.

Meanwhile, Ram's sister also finds out and due to her bitterness at her own daughter not receiving any marriage proposals tells the Tehsildar and the rest of Ram's family of Shalini's windfall job. The Tehsildar, Shalini's aunt and Gautam demean her, disown her, and throw her out of the house.

Despite all she has done for her family, it is only her mother who feels for her but is helpless to do anything. Left with nowhere to turn, Ashok and his father take her in. Shalini has an emotional meltdown and talks about committing suicide. The sound of shehnai from her brother's wedding can be heard in the background.

Ram comes to invite Jagannath to the wedding and Jagannath and Ashok refuse, saying they support Shalini. Ashok accepts her for what she is and marries her with the blessings of his father.

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Daka dale was a weddinghouse song back in the days!!!!

I used to travel Every 3rd Sunday (afternoon) from GT to Berbice  .  There was always a wedding posse going from Rosignol to NA..

the dancing was from the steeling whilst waiting for MV Torani..n on the boat too.  Full scale entertainment  , most of the bahriat men were drunk by this time..

songs like Daka dale

payal ki jhankar

o mere sona

dafli wale

bangale ke peeche

suno Chana suno tara

there was a chameli song..(in the movie the dancer was getting all the scampman drunk..)

Das/dus  Gaye das Gaye

kitna pyaare wada

this was the highlight of my trip..notonly the dances but the drunken shenenigans lol

n there was a regular  cross dresser (gay/trans) who was very entertaining!  

@Mitwah posted:

Classic dance performance by Vyjayanthimala in the Hindi movie song "Kaise Samjhaoon Badi Nasamajh Ho" from the Bollywood classic drama romantic superhit old Hindi movie Suraj (1966).

I love All d songs in Suraj

I saw this movie at Globe cinema in 1976 or 77. My sis who used to teach n stay on wcd came up to  GT n we went shopping downtown..n later we went to a 1 pm matinee n saw Suraj ..loved it !!  

I think abt my sis everytime  i hear songs from a few Suraj, Saathi n Kabhi Kabhie as she took me to see these movies (she died in 1981 at tender age of 26)

BTW Vijanthi did another  similar nice song/dance in Jewel Thief  n another in Sangam

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@Former Member posted:

The movie's producers recreated India's monarchy. Star girl mimicked courtesans in royal kingdoms. Look at that girl's provocative attire and dance! Those days women were solely for men's pleasure. The world has evolved and Indian women have made stupendous strides.


we see Madhubala doing similar..n even Hema

i think Smita Patel n Meena Kumari also did such roles

@Former Member posted:

The movie's producers recreated India's monarchy. Star girl mimicked courtesans in royal kingdoms. Look at that girl's provocative attire and dance! Those days women were solely for men's pleasure. The world has evolved and Indian women have made stupendous strides.

LGBT rights activist Anjali Gopalan hits the nail on the hea ..

Two Uttar Pradesh girls approached the police last week seek ..


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