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@Lynn posted:

Babla  sang  Mukesh’s song well…

but our local guy Devendra  Pooran  did just as well!!

is he the same Babla as Kanchan’s husband??

Re Kanchan's husband:

Babla was born as Laxmichand Virji Shah, son of Virji Shah, into a Kutchi Jain family of trading background. His family hailed from the village of Kundrodi in Kutch, Gujarat. His father had moved to Mumbai and set up a shop in Girgaum. The music director duo of Kalyanji and Anandji are Babla's elder brothers.

Babla sang some songs for films and also tried his hand at music direction like his older brothers. According to film music expert Rajesh Subramanian, the song "Khaike Pan Banaraswala" was composed by Babla.  (WickedPedia)

I want to believe our Dev Pooran is the closest match to the Mighty Mukesh's voice.

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@Mitwah posted:

1 of Praks fave (before he became very religious he used to sing Mukesh n Hari Om Sharan songs)

Devendra’s voice is very close to his…

This is nostalgic takes me back to β€˜trainee’ days at CML (teenager) whn Prak used to β€˜nack drum’ on the counters n sing Mukesh songs .


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