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I saw 2 of his 1st movies as a very young kid..Aakhri Khat n baharon ki sapne

but whn i saw haathi meri saathi (primary school show) at 10 yrs old, i decided he was my star boy!!

N to this day, he is still my all time fave.

i never owned video cassettes of hindi movies n coming here i used to borrow dvds from video stores nearby..

but i bought several dvds of his movies , mostly with Mumtaz  n i still have them .  I got the original from India as the video stores here used to make copies of originals ..good 1st copies but i askedmy freinds from India to getme originals …

even though Dharmendra is 1 of my most fave actor…RK is still my #1  

i love SRK but he is nowhere close to my RK!! Lol

@Mitwah posted:

Oh nice..thnx Bhaiya

does it have subtitles?

will chk it out this weekend whn my cuz is visiting ..

i saw it a long time ago !!

My maa understood hindi n so i learnt a lot of words..

(my nani came from India whn she was 12 yrs n badly spoke guyanese English (she used to cuss in hindi (or bhojpuri whtever language they spoke )