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Anybody ever looked at BIG BOSS..Salman Khan’s show?

last nite he was celebrating abt World Cup ssaying they won all 10 games so far n they r certain of a win in the finals..

well..a shocker!! Aussies beat them!! Wonder wht he will say tonite on the show.


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@Mitwah posted:

I can't stand his acting. I don't watch movies in which he stars.

Hahaha..u must be 1 of the few persons who share my opinion abt salman

i have seen a few movies though

his 1st was good..Maine pyar kiya

whn i lived in st marrten i saw many of his movies(video cassette back then)  as he was new to Bollywood n i didnt know. Much abt him..plusi dont think he was arrogant then , not that i followed his personal life.

i cant stand to watch him dance..hahaha omg

n he does it live at award shows!! D man looks like he in a gym..haha

cant dance at all


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