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Originally Posted by Amral:

yet they say that time heals, does it really??


* Time never heals the passing of a loved child.


* Danny was a handsome young man.


* And his sister Liz----tall, elegant and glamorous--nice Sophia Loren glasses.


* Nice family-- a tragedy losing a son and brother.





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Originally Posted by chameli:

Thank you Rev 



* My Mom's youngest brother died in a car accident when he was only 19.


* Her other brother died when he was only 49.


* She was very close to the 49 yr old brother.


* He died in 1989---24 yrs ago---but onto this day Mom still talks about how she misses him---the 2 of them used to call each other nearly every night----they lived very nicely---- he respected his big sister.


By the way, that was a very touching tribute to your brother---and the sad part about a mother losing her only son----that made me remember my grandmother---she lost her two sons----and of course my Mom lost her 2 brothers.




Originally Posted by chameli:
Originally Posted by Amral:

yet they say that time heals, does it really??


time soothes

scars are vivid

memories pains

heart breaks



we did a lil prayer 

frm nxt yr, we will mark his birthday only not his death...

Cham, your Dan is at peace. Yes, mark his birthday and all the goodness he shared with others. A rakhi song comes to mind and the special bond between brothers and sisters. 

Originally Posted by alena06:

Happy Saturday Chameli et al, actually had brekkie outdoors on the deck. Nothing like fresh air.


Be well and don't forget to file your taxes Americans.



Is wey u living. Today is cold on my side of the planet. Spring doan seem to want show up. Only dis marning, I think

ing I should be heading to Antigua. Sit on the deck of Sandal property and watch the waves.


It's even cold in the office. My goodness. I think, it is all on my mind.  

Originally Posted by Chameli:
Originally Posted by Chief:

Eat, sleep and press!!

yeah, me done press all me white shirts and me just dun eat me breaky made by my 'baby'....

turkey sausages, eggs/sunnyside up and no flour pancakes....yummmmm

having my 2nd cup of coffee then outdoor to cook some duck curry and dhal


Have a great Saturday folks

Press and break in the same sentence goes well.

Morning Cham

Originally Posted by Chameli:
Originally Posted by alena06:

Retail therapy always do me well.  Lots of lime green and orange are in for summer here, first wedding next weekend.

Alena, i like that!!!  Retail i will definitely use this term.

as it turns out, there are 4 weddings...i HAVE to attend the  2 for my friends' is a relative but i most likely will not attend...the other is a coworker and not i got 2 dresses... i can wear them again because none of the ppl will be seen at more than one dress would've worked for all 4 weddings lol

I do the same with my dresses as well, and those are the dresses you seem to wear once or twice.  Have a wedding next weekend and a sweet sixteen the following week.  Have a nice purple halter back long dress for the wedding and an orange short dress for the sweet sixteen.