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Lynn we left Vancouver at 3pm Vancouver time which was the scheduled time.

We had a variety of hors d oeuvres,on the train as we sat in the dome car looking out. In the class that I had paid for were many retired white seniors couples and a few Europeans, not a single west indian or black. I was the only west indian that I saw, a few chinese were there also. I cannot say about the economy class.

First night dinner was salmon, and it was generous, I barely manage to eat it all.
There was always coffee, tea and snacks available 24/7

Breakfast was continental, and a menu was given for lunch and dinner. There was 2 sittings for lunch and dinner, I always selected the 2nd sitting. Breakfast was from 6.30 to 8.30 and you just show up. It was pretty good, choice of eggs, toast, cereal etc.

Lunch and dinner had choices, of fish, chicken, lamb, beef or pork. Along with veggies, pasta etc. I will say for the 3 meals a day it would easily cost you at a restaurant about $100.00 plus taxes in total.

I had a bed and private toilet in my cabin, but used the shared shower at the end of the car. Each train car has a shower. I usually go to shower at 5 in the morning. So I was the first one to use it, always cleaned and sanitized before I used it. Towels and toiletries all provided.

Took a bit getting used to falling asleep on a moving train, but I managed. I was more interested in watching out the window at nights.

Several stops along the way and you get to come out for a bit. Winnipeg stop was around 11pm in the night so I did not come out, that stop was later than the original scheduled time.

I do plan on going back in 2 years time, but this time train from Toronto to Vancouver and fly back.

Its not a trip to be taken alone, it is not exciting if you are alone. I had a travel companion that I went with so it was ok. No, its not a sweet woman if you should wonder.


Lol@24 hrs…

Well BM..that all sounds wonderful..n it makes me want to travel in this train

wow..i am amzed at the food options, my kinda food.

Good tip abt showering ..

eheh..u can admit if it was a sweet woman …hehehe

I am worried abt the sleep though…i am very light sleeper n I rarely sleep in airplane or bus( iused to do the mega bus from TO to NY n i never slept a wink..i just cant sleep in a moving vehicle n i am so alert whn i am flying, i just cant sleep.  My daughters go to sleep from the time plane lifts off…lol

thanks for the details. there a dining room?? That’s where u go for meals n r the meals cooked on the train or just reheated??

I like the idea of private toilet too..

hopefully. I can get a β€˜company’ to go..

how was the bed? Comfy??

Wht abt noise??  R the other passengers loud n noisy??


The bed was not cushiony more like firm. 2 pillows and comforter.  The rocking motion could put you to sleep for some people. The first night I managed about 2 hours sleep and the other nights I did about 5, not straight 5 though. Yes there is a dining room and the table sitting is 4 per table when possible.  So you may not sit with the same couple always, but that's the idea, to mingle and meet other people. There is a game room. And yes you can buy food if there are places at the stops.

No noise from others, just the train noise on the tracks.

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@cain posted:

I've taken trains to and from New Brunswick a few times, the trip takes about 18hrs, done it alone. The rythmic clickatty clack of a train makes me either make up a tune or zzzzzz.

Eheh..Cain!!  how dee do ??

That click inty clack drove me  nuts n i was the train ride was under 6 hrs from TO to Montreal…couldnt sleep or read an back then i had no cell phone n wifi..loL

the kids had iPods n listened to music n slept but not me

but riding the train from parika to high sch was fun for me …

best days ie until it was scrapped in June 1974 ( i was in 3rd form so i had to travel with the TATA bus after ..which was stressful..bus was packed like sardine !!)

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ayo pls dont laff!!

but i travelled with train from Parika to GT twice as a 1966 n 1969 (6 yr n 9 yrs)

wht i rem was the crowd , n hustle n bustle whn it stopped at the. Train stations..n the vendors selling snacks in baskets on their heads..icicles etc..they ran up to the windows n tried to get as much sale as possible before the train moved away

what i dont rem if it stopped at breed-en-hoop, if so where because i dont remember coming off train n joining the ferry, but i rem disembarking at the Lamaha st terminal

so the question is..where did we get the train that took us to Lamaha St..was the terminal near to the GT stelling??


I remember coming off the train at terminal..seeing the many train tracks..but

dont really rem where, if it waas VH or GT

i do remember the Lamaha st terminal where we embarked..because my dad used to buy aniseed biscuits from a shop nearby the terminal ..i think on Carmichael ..close to Lamaha st

so my  memory is seeing the terminal from this shop..

this has to be 1966 , my 1st trip to GT

my dad lifted me in big market n made me put my hands in his shirt at-the back to hug him because they had forgotten to take off my gold bangles .  So he lifted  me to hide them as we walked thru stabroek market

on This trip we visited the museum n botanic garden n zoo.  I was terrifed whn i saw the tiger n startd to walk backwards only to find myself in front of the lion’s cage

i rem as we entered the museum there was a monkey with outstretched hand..begging . I dont knowif it was live or a sculpture ,

my 2nd trip was in 1969 whn my dad was in public hospital.

I rem from this trip is getting the yellow buses from big market to kitty n to the hospital from shell rd

i was fascinated with pulling the cord n hearing the bell ring..aso with the attire f bus driver, a Cap like police

my  mom didnt know to read so she had to ask the driver which bus was passing by Shell Rd we had to go to a few busses before we got the correct 1 n then she would tell driver where she was going just incase she missed the stop.  She was a smart education , but knew her way around..

@Amral posted:

yes, but you have to go with the Sleeper Plus class or (Prestige, very expensive not really worth the cost)

Video (

Yes, the cost is crazy.  Years ago I looked into train trip to Alberta and decided that it was better to go on two all-inclusive Island vacations for both my husband and I....for the same money!!!